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Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

All splashbacks are manufactured from 6mm toughened glass that is heat resistant up to 500 degrees making it an ideal material to have on the walls to accompany your Granite & Quartz kitchen worktops. The glass splashback creates a seamless finish unlike a traditional tiled wall whereby the grout lines are often effected by substances used in the kitchen on a daily basis. The glass is formed in such a way that its hard-wearing and low maintenance features make it very long lasting and accommodating to the surroundings of the kitchen worktops. Also, it is extremely easy to clean, simply using a glass cleaner and a cloth will remove any marks creating a hygienic surface in the kitchen area. The glass is available in any colour, all you have to do is choose what you want to go for and the splashback can be made in that shade, including metallic and mirrors to compliment your kitchen countertops. Here are just some of the colours to choose from:


Mulberry Brust
Nordic Spa
Pixie Green
Purple Pout
Quintessential Blue
Raspberry Bellini
Rich Black
Ruby Starlet
Sapphire Salute
Sea Blue
Sugared Lilac
Sumptuous Plum
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